The production process of glass bottles

Glass bottle production process mainly includes:
①Pretreatment of raw materials.Pulverize the raw material (Quartz sand, soda, limestone, feldspar, etc)in blocks,dry the wet raw materials and remove iron from the iron containing raw materials to ensure the quality of glass.
②Mixed batch preparation.
③Melting process.Glass mixed batch material in the pool kiln or pool furnace for high temperature (1550~1600 degrees) heating, so that the formation of uniform, no bubble, and meet the moulding requirements of liquid glass.
④Molding.Put the liquid glass into the mould to make the glass products of the required shape, such as perfume bottles, glass jars, various utensils, etc.
⑤Heat Treatment.Through annealing, quenching and other processes, eliminate or produce the stress inside the glass, phase separation or crystallization, and change the structural state of the glass.

After the glass tube enters the factory, the material (weight) shall be weighed by personnel and divided into 3 parts according to plus or minus 5 grams.Bottle-making personnel receive materials into the workshop for production.The height of the bottle is set by our bottle-making personnel on the machine.The size of the bottle is determined by the diameter of the glass tube.Every glass bottle comes out of the bottle-making machine and lines up to be placed in a random annealing furnace.The glass bottles are annealed at 550-600 degrees for 50 minutes.Annealing is to ensure the stress of the glass bottle and achieve the bottle’s compression resistance and drop resistance.Then the bottles go to the next stage of manual inspection and packing.There are three kinds of inspectors: glass bottle inspectors, packing inspectors and sampling inspectors.The samples will be sent to the laboratory for glass bottle inspection, and the qualified products will pass the laboratory tests.Complete production of goods and arrange transportation.

Post time: Oct-22-2021