This Product Suitable for filling with serums,creams,lotions,emulsions,moisturizers,foundation, cleanser,essential oils, liquids etc.Perfect for cosmetic packaging. We are one of the most reliable cosmetic bottle suppliers in China and  offer wholesale beauty containers in different designs, volume capacities, caps, colors, and other specifications. It is our honor to be able to help you choose your favorite products, please contact us immediately and we will serve you throughout the process.

Lotion Bottle& Cream Jar

  • 300ml Refillable Lotion Bottle With Variety Sprayer and Pump

    300ml Refillable Lotion Bottle With Variety Sprayer and Pump

    Our refillable glass dispenser bottles allow you to bring sustainability into your home while creating a cohesive look. Elevate your space while also reducing plastic waste. Fill with your favorite all purpose cleaner and you’re good to go!

    Details :Includes the glass bottle with a trigger sprayer and label, assembled.
                   Dispensers can hold up to 16 ounces.
                    Labels are made of super durable weatherproof vinyl to withstand the soapiest elements.                                    Dispensers are empty and do not include contents.

  • Glass Lotion Bottle&Cream Jar

    Glass Lotion Bottle&Cream Jar

    Advantages of glass bottles: Non-toxic and tasteless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier properties, airtight, abundant and universal raw materials, and can be used in multiple cycles. And it has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance, and cleaning resistance. It can be sterilized at high temperature and can be stored at low temperature. It is precisely because of its many advantages that it has become the preferred packaging material for many cosmetics such as perfumes, ess...