Can I get samples for confirmation?

Yes,Getting samples for confirmation is reasonable。
Before setting orders some of our customers prefer to get samples in order to make sure that the bottles are what they wanted.Checking the quality and the appearance of the bottles are available for customers .
Usually we encounter two situations.

For standard bottle design:
A.The mould is in stock. Then samples are available for quality evaluation.
B. Sample time: plain bottle will take 2-3 days. And it will take 7-10 days for any decoration, such as logo print, color coating, etc. For logo, there can be screen printing, gold stamping, decal. Different logos have different prices and time. For screen printing, usually we make one color for the logo, and it is the cheapest. If customers need two or more color for the logo, it will cost more .

For customized design:
A. Mould is out of stock, for which we need to create a new one. Then we can test it after producing.
B.Sample time: approximately 35 days for mould to be created, then 15 days for testing and making samples.

You need to do the following:
1.Provide design drawings or samples so that we can design 3D renderings that fully meet your needs. If you don't have anything, then please send us your thoughts completely, this can be a scratch paper or express your thoughts in words as clearly as possible.

2.Please confirm the 3D renderings and drawings. After we understand your idea, we will charge you a reasonable fee. And for you to present 3D renderings and plane size map. After determining these details, we start the production of the mold.

3.Please check the produced samples through pictures and videos. We will send lots of videos and pictures for you to check the samples at the first time, after that we will send you the samples if you need them.

4. After the sample has passed. Please let us know the production date as soon as possible.
Looking forward to cooperating with you.


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