Why Do We Choose Cosmetic Glass Products?

The materials of the packaging container are mainly based on the functional factors of the product, including performance, structure, durability, convenience, safety and decorative requirements;

1. The sealing of glass bottle packaging can be better. For some cosmetics with whitening and nutritional effects, they contain a lot of nutrients like food, but they are easily oxidized. This requires their packaging to have excellent sealing properties to block the influence of oxygen on these cosmetics. In addition, volatile perfumes also have high requirements for high barrier properties of packaging. Glass bottles have strong barrier properties and are undoubtedly better than plastic bottles in protecting the contents. Therefore, some cosmetics that take the high-end route still use glass bottle packaging as their first choice.
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2. The Moldability of glass products. The transparency of glass, easy processing and forming, easy coloring, cutting and other good properties determine that the material for perfume containers is becoming more and more glass. Due to the strong plasticity of glass and the increasingly mature processing technology, people’s imagination has given full play to space. Glass can be made into many shapes. As the hardness of glass increases, glass can be cut, carved, colored, inlaid, and can coexist in various forms.
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3. The artistry of cosmetic packaging glass products. There are many varieties of glass bottles, from small bottles with a capacity of 1ML to large 1L bottles, from round, square, to special-shaped and handle bottles, from colorless transparent amber, green, blue, black light-shielding bottles and opaque milky Glass bottles, etc., are too numerous to mention. You can choose what you love. The glass product itself is a kind of beautiful experience, adding luster to the product itself.
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Post time: Oct-22-2021