Custmized 60ml Embossed Perfume Bottle

  • Model NO.: C124
  • Capacity: 60ml
  • Material: Glass Bottle +Plastic&Aluminium Cap
  • Sealing Type: Crimp Neck Sprayer
  • Customization: Bottle Types,Colors, Logo, Sticker / Label, Packing Box, etc
  • MOQ: 500
  • Lead Time : In Stock : 3-10 Days , Out of stock : 15 ~ 35 working days after receiving payment.
  • Design: Irregular Octahedron Glass Bottle Perfume with Ball Shaped Cap
  • Payment: T/T , Western Union
  • Shippment : 1.Samples/Small qty: By DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT Express, etc,. 2. Mass Cargo : By Sea / By Railway / By Air.
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    60ml glass spray bottle




    Custmized 60ml Embossed Perfume Bottle

    Special embossed bottle design, show personality and lead the trend.

    Oval shape clear glass bottle with thick bottom;

    Fish embossed in the middle of bottle , small neck is its mouth , very vivid.

    Feather embossed outerside , you can say it's fish's  fin.

    Bottom design is fish's tail .



    embossed perfume bottle wholesale

    Special design clear spray bottle  

    60ml glass spray bottle

    15mm Crimp Neck 

    feather shape perfume bottle

    Sliver sprayer and lid


    crimp sprayers

    General crimp sprayer and collar

    crimp sprayer and nozzle

    Manual crimp sprayer and collar

    screw sprayer and nozzle

    Screw sprayer and collar


    ABS+Aluminum cap

    ABS +Aluminum Caps

    perfume bottle Acrylic cap

    Acrylic Caps

    perfume bottle wooden cap

    Wooden Caps

    perfume bottle Zinc Alloy Cap

    Zinc Alloy Caps

    Magentic Caps

    Magnetic Caps

    perfume bottle Resin cap

    Resin Caps

    aluminum cap

    Aluminium Caps

    custom perfume bottle caps


    perfume bottle decorations

    Silk Printing: Ink + screen (mesh stencil) = screen printing, support color printing.
    Hot Stamping: Heating up a colored foil and melting it on the bottle. Gold or Sliver are popular.
    Decal: When the logo has too many colors, you can apply decals. Decal is a kind of substrate on which text and patterns can be printed, and then transferred to the surface of the bottle.
    Label: Custom a waterproof sticker to paste on bottle, multicolor possible.
    Electroplating: Use the principle of electrolysis to spread the metal layer on the bottle.

    Packing & Delivery


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