Refillable Perfume Bottles

What is a refillable perfume bottle:

Generally, ordinary refillable glass perfume bottles are screw type glass perfume bottles. Because when the perfume runs out, we can simply unscrew the sprayer and refill with our other perfumes.


But crimp type perfume glass bottles do not. The Crimp type perfume glass bottle need a machine that seal the sprayer on the top of the bottle.If you want refillable the crimp bottle, You need to use pliers to gently twist the sprayer from left to right. This step is likely to damage the neck of the crimp type glass perfume bottle and make the bottle unusable.

From this we can see the convenience and safety of screw type as a refillable glass perfume bottle.


So when do we generally use refillable glass perfume bottles?

  1. Perfume glass perfume bottle for travel


When we go out and want to carry perfume, do we feel that the perfume bottle is too large and it is inconvenient to put it in our bag?

If you have such doubts, then the mini glass perfume bottle for travel is your best choice. The general glass perfume bottle for travel has a capacity of only about 10ml. It's very mini and you can easily put perfume liquid in it.

First unplug the nozzle of the perfume bottle, you can see the straw of the perfume bottle. Then you need to align the bottom with the straw and press down. This way you can easily put the perfume liquid into the perfume bottle for travel .So you can always carry a mini perfume bottle.

2. Glass perfume bottle for commercial use.

If you are a newly established fragrance company, you will definitely want to impress your customers with high-quality fragrances and service. Some well-known brand perfume companies such as LV will provide customers with the service of replenishing perfume. If your product uses a screw type, then you can open the perfume bottle without any tools and there is no risk of damaging the bottle. Then you can refillable the perfume liquid.

If you have any questions about perfume bottles. Please feel free to leave us a message. Our company will provide you with professional solutions and high-quality products.

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