Why is bamboo a popular packaging material?

In the cognition of many people, bamboo is a symbol of backbone and gentleman. It has the meaning of integrity and self-confidence, and it is also a symbol of longevity; the gentleman is the common impression of bamboo, that is, stick to oneself, not afraid of coercion or temptation, be honest, and have the qualities of integrity and modesty.

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Advantages of bamboo products

1.Bamboo has automatic adjustment and maintain temperature, its own cooling and heat, warm in winter and cool in summer characteristics

2.The texture of bamboo has the function of absorbing ultraviolet light, and the color is elegant, soft and warm, which is beneficial to people's vision and can reduce the occurrence of myopia.

3. Bamboo itself has the function of sound absorption, sound insulation, reducing sound pressure and shortening the time of residual sound.

4.Bamboo through high temperature cooking, bleaching, Carbonize ,remove all nutrients in bamboo fiber, completely destroy the living conditions of moth and bacteria, no mildew, can reduce asthma, allergy.

5. Bamboo, like human beings, is a natural organism, and the texture of bamboo changes regularly in irregularity, with its natural color and special texture.Natural materials are a symbol of elegance and preciousness.Natural fragrance, bamboo texture beautiful, but also send out fresh and fragrant gas, good for physical and mental health.

Use of bamboo in cosmetic packaging

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Bamboo Lid Cream Glass Jar:

Cream glass jars are used daily for storage of eye, face and body lotions. Therefore, the requirements for packaging are very strict, and the packaging must be environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. The glass bottle and bamboo cap meet the packaging requirements, and the bamboo is non-toxic, BPA-free, environmentally friendly and healthy. The screw cap is made of natural bamboo and does not contain harmful substances. Hand polished and waxed to give a nice shine and super quality! Small and portable, easy to clean and reusable. A beautiful container for eyeshadow, makeup, lip balm, cream, butter and other makeup. Ideal for travel packing and home personal care.

Bamboo Lotion Bottle Cosmetic Packaging:

Bamboo Lotion Bottle is popular as cosmetic packaging for lotion bottles,made of glass and natural bamboo materials, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, safe and healthy. Comes with a dust cover to prevent accidental pressing. Portable and easy to carry, perfect for travel and everyday use. Ideal for storing and dispensing lotions, moisturizers, lotions, serums, serums, makeup and other skin care products. It is more in line with the packaging requirements of cosmetic companies and has won the favor of consumers.

Bamboo glass dropper bottle:

Conventional Materials on the market for dropper bottle LIDS: Plastic and Aluminum.Plastic cap and aluminum cap are easy to produce chemical reaction with the product, resulting in deterioration of the product harm to people's health.In order to solve this problem, it is inexorable trend to use bamboo cap for the lid of dropper bottle.Dropper bottle with Bamboo lids,which is Environmental and Shockproof,leak proof & sealed tightly,don't worry about leaking.Perfect for storing Essential Oil, perfume,fragrance,aromatherapy,liquid,Essence,Lotion,samples,etc. Portable to carry and use, great for daily use or for travel,can be fit easily in your bag,pocket. You can share your essential oils, perfume,or any kind of liquid sample to your family, friends and customers.

Essential oil roll bottle bamboo lid:

Essential Oil Roller Bottles, high quality stainless steel roller ball,Perfect for essential oils, perfumes or other liquids.Conveniently fits in your purse making it perfume for travel,Protect against harmful UV ray.

【Unique Bamboo Cap】With leak proof design, our bamboo cap can stop evaporates of the volatile components which is Environmental and Shockproof, can protect your essential oil well.

【Premium Material】Made of environmental bamboo, thick corrosion-resistant glass and stainless steel, smooth and anti-shock, delicate workmanship and light weight.

【Pocket-friendly & Practical】Take your essential oil on the go. Perfect for travel and conveniently fits in your purse or pocket. The perfect enhancement to your essential oil collection.

【Multi-purpose】Take your favorite oils with this travel size on the go. Can be used to storing essential oil blends, aromatherapy, essence, perfume oil, Cosmetics, liquids, mixes and so on. Great for applying diluted essential oils and blends directly to the skin.

Most importantly, bamboo is an extremely flexible product and enables companies to create outstanding packaging that is worthy of a place in every woman’s beauty cabinet or cosmetics bag. When taking the above into consideration, it’s easy to understand how bamboo has become an integral component in the cosmetics packing industry in recent years.

We have a wide assortment of cosmetic packing options for your business needs. Using bamboo for packaging, is an eco-friendly decision that your company might be looking forward to. To learn more about this amazing plant and how it can take the quality of your cosmetics packaging to the next level, contact RICH today. We’d be glad to help you choose the best.

Post time: Feb-11-2022