Different Glass Bottles & Top for Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated substances extracted from aromatic plants. Essential oils are composed of a variety of different organic substances. The uniqueness of various essential oils does not lie in one of the components, but the overall ingenious and complex mixture. Essential oils have very small molecules and high penetrating power, so they can enter and exit the body extremely efficiently without leaving any toxins behind.

It is important to choose the right container based on the properties of the essential oil. Dark glass bottles such as amber or cobalt blue can protect the aroma and healing properties of essential oils by blocking light, thereby extending their shelf life. Glass bottles are relatively stable and are not easy to chemically react with essential oils.

If you are looking for the perfect glass bottle for your essential oil, I hope this article has been helpful to you. In this article about essential oil bottles, we will categorize the shapes of essential oil bottles. Match with different covers for different usage scenarios.

Round essential oil bottles are one of the most classical types of glass bottles used to store medicines and other tinctures, and the most popular colors are brown, green, blue and black. The stability of essential oils is ensured because UV rays from sunlight have difficulty penetrating darker colors. As customer needs continue to change, we support customizing the color of any Pantone shade.

The sizes of round essential oil bottles are 5ml 10ml 15ml 20ml 30ml 50ml and 100ml. Essential oil bottle's neck diameters all same 18-415. The same bottle can be installed with different top. Such as essential oil bottle with inner plug and cap, essential oil bottle with pump head, essential oil bottle with dropper, essential oil bottle with roller .

At the same time to meet the different needs of customers.


Other styles of essential oil bottles

With the continuous pursuit of beauty by consumers, essential oil merchants have put a lot of effort into packaging. Hope to catch customers' eyeballs through different shapes of glass bottles. Some other shapes of bottles came into being. Such as square, oblate, gourd and so on.

square dropper bottle
golden dropper bottle
dropper 30ml (13)
red+black drooper bottle

We recommend different bottles and caps for different usage.

1, Essential oil bottle with cap

If you want to take samples of different essential oils for testing or provide some samples to clients. It is recommended that you choose a 5ml bottle with a cap and inner stopper, it will be a good choice.

gukg (6)
gukg (7)
gukg (8)

2,Dropper bottle

If you want to place a fragrance diffuser in doors, freshen the air and soothe the nerves. Then the essential oil bottle with dropper provides you with a practical solution. The dropper can help you accurately control the dosage and save the use of essential oils.

gukg (3)
gukg (4)
gukg (5)

3. Essential oil bottle with Roller ball

If you need an invigorating oil, a roller ball bottle is your best bet. Use a plastic or stainless steel roller to apply essential oils to skin that helps to relax, such as the neck or temples. Easy to carry, you can take it with you or put it in the car. Does not leak overnight and produces little fluid. For concentrated oils, a light roll is sufficient for full effect.

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gukg (2)
gukg (1)

If you want to know more about the types and uses of essential oil bottles, or you just need help placing an order, please feel free to contact us.

Post time: Jan-29-2022