How to seal perfume bottles by tool?

If you are a new start-up owner in perfume line, you may be wondering how to crimp the perfume bottle to test the first samples.

First of all, you may know that perfume bottles are divided into screw neck and crimp neck.

Screw neck perfume bottle


Screw neck: It is very easy to assemble, just twist the nozzle with your hands.

Crimp neck  perfume bottle

For this type, you need to use tools to seal.When you purchase tools, please note: the diameter of the perfume bottle neck is 13mm 15mm 18mm 20mm.Please choose tools according to the neck size of your bottle.


Next, I will introduce the sprayer and the collar of the crimp perfume bottle for you.

We have 2 kinds of sprayers.


Manual crimp sprayer and collar(1)


General crimp sprayer and collar(2)

And how to use the sealing tool for “Manual crimp sprayer and collar1”?


This is a manual crimp sprayer . This kind of sprayer is very convenient to use.

You can just seal the perfume bottles by pressing the tools.

Please refer to pictures and videos to assemble.


And how to use the sealing machines for “General crimp sprayer and collar”2?


This is the General crimp sprayer and collar. This kind of sprayer has better sealing performance than Manual crimp sprayer.

You can use the following machines to seal the crimp perfume bottles.


First step: crimp the sprayer

Using method:

1.put the sprayer on the bottle neck, Place the sprayer in the center of the bottle neck ,then put bottle into the rolling head

2.gently press the handle until the rolling head is tightening(not too hard),release the handle to the original position.

3. Check the sprayer is loose or not, using three fingers .

If not tight enough or not smooth enough, adjust the rolling head, clockwise to loose, anticlockwise to tighten.

Second step: crimp the collar ring

After crimping the sprayer, we need to crimp the collar.

The operation is mostly the same as crimp the sprayer.

There are also many kinds of tools for installing the collar. It can be the machine in the picture. You can also directly use the tool for installing the manual crimp sprayer.

Finally, it is summarized. If you are a start-up company. When selecting bottles, we suggest to choose the bottle with screw bottle or the crimp bottle with manual crimp sprayer. These simple sealing modles can reduce your preliminary preparation.So that you can focus more on perfume and other work.If you need to buy in large quantities, it is recommended that you use  professional tools, so that the airtightness will be better.

If you still have questions, please contact us directly. We will provide more detailed videos to solve your problem.

Post time: Jan-28-2022